Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fatty Phew – The Best Things Iife Are Free

Featuring Fatty Phew and his not so new mixtape

Geelong’s Legendary MC Fatty Phew, is back better than ever. Phew’s versatility has always been known after the underground classic release 23 Years In The Making. With tracks like Stand UpPhew returns with his hard-hitting lines and passionate views on life, then chills out with a track reminiscing on past experiences with Wont Forget. Tracks like So The Fuck What, pokes fun at the side of life that everybody else seems to take so serious, and Yes or No is a story about the times people tend not to take serious.

To add to this new release, DJ Bogues brings his talents to the Turntables making a good thing even better.  


The Best Things In Life are Free is now available for FREE download, yes that’s right FREE.

Fatty Phew Free Mixtape- The Best things in life are free


  1. it really is true, the best things in life ARE free.

  2. damn straight

    ausfag here following

  3. haha i have never heard this before thanks for it

  4. Not huge on aussi hip hop but I'll keep in touch.